Backflow Prevention Specialists – Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities MN

VerifiedbackflowMetro Testing tests, installs and repairs all types of backflow preventers.  We are even certified to train and certify other Minnesota plumbers to do this safely because backflow prevention is absolutely critical to ensure the safety of our drinking water systems.

Backflow preventers are used to stop cross-contamination of clean and contaminated water in residential and commercial establishments.

Backwater prevention specialists (like us) are responsible for testing, repair, installation and maintenance of all residential, commercial and city backflow prevention devices.

The Work of a Backflow Prevention Specialist

  • Test and repair the different kinds of backflow preventers
  • Maintenance of records for each individual backflow prevention assembly for the purpose of ensuring correct calibration and optimum performance.
  • Educated the public regarding the need of backflow prevention –
  • Compliance of commercial and residential code on all alteration inspections for the utilities department of the city

Backflow prevention specialists possess the necessary knowledge on:

  • Federal, State, County and City  building codes with regard to cross-connection control
  • Installation, testing, repair and maintenance of all kinds of backflow prevention devices
  • Internal plumbing systems as well as fire system of commercial establishments
  • Zoning and building department procedures for all safety inspections performed.

Backflow Prevention Testing in Minneapolis, St Paul.

All backflow prevention devices need to be tested at least once a year to ensure correct functioning and safety. A certified backflow prevention testing technician or specialist will perform the test according to guidelines set in your area. The test calls for evaluating the integrity of the backflow prevention devices to ensure they meet current safety and performance guidelines.

Backflow Prevention Services

Backflow Preventer Installation

We can provide installation of backflow prevention devices in your home or commercial establishment. We provide a full range of piping and backflow prevention installation for each unique job site. We will be able to install according to specifications as outlined in the local plumbing codes.

Certification and Testing

We can ensure that you comply with the city requirements regarding backflow prevention compliance.


We are authorized to repair almost all brands related in the backflow prevention industry. Our technicians are all field-certified and can replace and test all devices to ensure they run correctly after overhaul.

System Design

We can assist you in finding the right design and placement for all necessary backflow prevention devices.


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